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Crest Club Belgie
As BELGIAN CREST CLUB we are honored to invite you to our fifth “SPECIAL INTERNATIONAL CREST SHOW” in Liège on 09 October 2021.
-We are happy to be the guest on the one day show of LE BOSSU BELGE, who at that moment organize their own, one day show with next to CREST also GLOSTERS, NORWICH, and BELGIAN BOSSU For the overall show rules, please visit the website www.norwich.be
-The show takes place in sale des fêtes “Henriette BRENU” rue Gilles Magnée 87 (Football field) 4430- Ans Belgium
-registration fee: 6€/bird included cage obliged and catalog.
The possibility exists to have lunch on Saturday - noon on the spot. A food truck will be present
-send this form back, filled in to: M.Gino Pardon
                                                    Ferdinandbolstraat 02
                                                    4567DC Clinge
                                     Or by e-mail to gpardon@zeelandnet.nl
-ultimate date to subscribe: Wednesday 06 October.
-entering on Friday 08 Oct. from 15’00” till 20’00” or at Saturday morning from 07’00” and before 08’30”.
-Judging between 09’00” and 14’00”. U can see the judge at work
-exhibition will be open from 14’’30” to 17’00”.
- Award ceremony and subsequent lifting at 17’30”.
-English judging system.
All crested birth’s will have their cage disponible  on the spot:

-We stay from Friday 08/10 at Saturday 09/10 in POST HOTEL&WELLNESS**** in Herstal near to the exposition site.
We are ready to facilitate your stay and will eventually be glad to help with reservations.
-We organize on Friday evening after entering a fraternity dinner where to the “BELGIAN CREST CLUB” is happy to offer the
For diner reservation and more info contact; Jean-Pierre Roelands:
                                                                                                        GSM +32/475 96 08 54 E-mail roelands_jp@hotmail.com
Alain et Fabienne Nottet-Lieutenant: GSM +32 476 83 03 82 E-mail nottet@norwich.be
Mark Dekeyser:                                  GSM +32 478 95 16 89 E-mail mdkeysergl@skynet.be
Rik Spillebeen                                     GSM +32 478 80 21 71 E-Mail rspillebeen@skynet.be  
Roelands Jean-Pierre                          GSM +32 475 96 08 54 E-mail roelands_jp@hotmail.com
Gino Pardon                                      GSM +31 6 10972277    E-mail gpardon@zeelandnet.nl
A lot of greetings end we hope to see you as a visitor or even better as an exhibitor.
Alain, Fabienne, Rik, Marc, JP, Gino                                        



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